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  1. Shut up
  2. You seem to forget what this thread is about you fool
  3. For your information I only just got on here,I have to learn how to play I'm not just sat there 24/7 on here so when I get 5 mins to he on here people will be kind enough to let me know.i do have a life outside games I play you know
  4. It takes less than 5 minutes to disover what this thread intails, and if it takes more then that...well then I just feel sorry for you
  5. Don't you have anything better to do that go on and on at someone you must lead a sad life to just jump on a post and attack!most people just pass on by without a comment but only people that have issues with others have to just have a go.Was your day that bad?if so,I feel sorry for ya!
  6. You keep talking still yet know nothing of this thread, its all too funny
  7. It's not about the damn thread it's about your rude attitude towards things people say,go and read back.All i said was"I am not ugly" you said "prove it".Now I doht give a toss what you think I look like,I just posted my fb pic,that is me and the one i like ok-simple,obviously you can't see the wood for the trees mate so carry on,I'm not wasting my energy on any more of this!

  8. Can see why!

  9. Salutations
  10. I'll make you swoon

  11. In what sense?to faint?
  12. And where is your pic?
  13. It was within page 25-70 but i think photobuckets new guidelines deleted all/most of the old pics unfortunately. Go into page like 78 or something
  14. Just dont blame me when I break your heart
  15. I'm assuming your a guy?if so,you could not possibly break my heart as I am not straight
  16. Hey, 20 bucks is 20 bucks

  17. Entails right?discover?
  18. Intails, details, entrails. If you still haven't got it even 20 bucks wont
  19. Me and the boys are playing and we just cant find a song
  20. I think it’s time we put this thread back on topic with pictures of the players in KaW. :)