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  1. Lmao snoopy so insecure hes willing to catfish :lol:
  2. Lol wtf this is still going
  3. I didn't catfish. I am the dog in the picture.

    Kids these days.
  4. If you arent going to post a pic get lost
  5. I posted a pic when this thread was made im on page 40 or something lol lil 15 year old me so cringey and innocent :lol:

    Edit: guess photobucket deleted them, will update
  6. Debating in my mind whether I should post a pic of myself and get trolled because of it or just keep lurking on the forums.
  7. Damm... Thread is 4yrs old.
  8. Yeah photobucket used to be the way to go but idk what happened to them, my pics turned out the same way on the earlier pages
  9. Omg, my 16 year old self must be somewhere there too
  10. Sbg I love those lips baby lo
  11. Except me. I think I've proven that enough this thread 

    For reals though, this thread has a LOT of good memories on it. I was reading through it the other day. I think it should get stickied.
  12. But no one accused you of being a catfish? Why would you feel the need to proclaim that if you
    weren't being accused? ....hmmmm

    ToddBacon KAW forum rule #1 = "he who smelt it dealt it"

    (& nothing smells worse then Catfish farts)

  13. Well I mean. YOU did. You said "everyone". I'm a part of everyone. 

  14. that's Ashes rule not mine 

  15. So what you're saying is, you're nothing but a poorly made knock off rerun, quoting people you probably never even spoke to? :)
  16. ...why are you being so defensive? Sounds like you're getting mad too?

    Poorly made knockoff ...you mean like any Android phone right? (lol)

  17. Btw ladies I'm KaW's most eligible bachelor