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  1. Wonder how many of the females posting pics got 10 messages from this.

    Psssst, guys, you have NO chance
  2. Fgs cheese, I didn't think you were actually going to tell them!

    That's the last time I give you my plans for the day.
  3. LOL well if you find my location, bring me food.
  4. This bloody thread still active!! Damn. Hey people like to be posers I guess
  5. ?? Like this old fool
  6. Justin Beiber? Lol
  7. Yeah I'm his cousin
  8. Clarify please. Are you the short one on the shoulder or the tall one in front??
  9. ...I mean....he only calls himself mad hatter...

    I'm sure it's just a coincidence though.

  10. Both.
  11. I've been gone for several months. Let's see the newbies!
  12. RIP
  13. Slay'd.
  14. WombRaider be like; part time KaWer, full time creep
  15. Maybe im a kreep :smile:
  16. How tf is this thread back and running 
  17. Ooo the burn feel the heat 