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  1. I'm not normally attracted to guys but now just might be... hmmm
  2. My life Is ruined I know who Oli is :*(

  4. We now know who Arcanicus's main is 
  5. This thread never ceases to amoose me.
  6. Destroyer,

    Even though it's not true, I laughed at your response.

    10/10. :lol:
  7. Gaah  You cute
  9. You guys,

    Destroyer is going to think I have a bunch of alts :lol:

  10. Nah, i just know that kaw girls read too much twilight, i was always a team Jacob kinda guy :roll:
  11. Are you basing my being attractive just because I'm pale? :lol:

    Can't control my skin tone, man.
  12. Twinkle twinkle little star

  13. I'm basing females under 13 and over 35 thinking you're cute just because you're pale

    Ps: you can always go for a tan...
  14. Considering my ethnical background, I don't get tan. I just get red and then go back to white in a matter of a day.


  15. I'm half Irish and I can get a tan. Small doses at a time, honestly it's usually August before I can say I'm actually tan
  16. Cannot be unseen
  17. This picture made me want to search OG Mudbone on google images. I found this picture.
  18. Its mugbone bro