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  1. I don't know where those librarian glasses are.
  2. Oh no!!! They won't fire you will they? 
  3. I love books .-.
  4. I have no idea who you are
  5. I'm shak nice to meet you 
  6.  she deleted it
  7. There's another one for your shrine @BadRobot
  8. ... I remember when you said this happened. There was a thread.... was that really 2 years ago already :shock:
  9. I distinctly remember you bitchin about there being no yellow protection on the wire
  10. Yeah, she'd have to be..


  11. On the thread I said it was an old pic

  12. With all do respect, she looks like a smiling horse (if you notice the gum line obnoxiously sticking out :lol: )

  13. Fake picture. Stolen from a horrible ***** on Instagram. My ex friend and sister of my Ex Fiancée
  14. Well I for one think everyone's pic is a fake, so no real surprise to me.
  15. Mine wasn't fake o.o I don't fraud myself online. That involves too much work and I'm pretty sure it's illegal 
  16. Darn, they know I'm fake :(
  17. Aw guys shes cool. Just a friend i didnt see in a while. But i agree haha and her friend looks like a sloth wide eyes