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  1. I am NOT a "Youngster" :|
  2. Just a kid with a wand and a magic hat, prob playing that dragons n dungens crap.

  3. Better than wearing a tight black leather and holding a whip which i imagine your that kind of a person.
  4. I have several whips tyvm. And leather is comfy AND sexy :p

  5. Uhh.

    Go on.

  6. Lol jenni xD

    Ive posted so many pics but they're like page 50 something idk xD and they're of younger me o_O
  7. Still make me lol 
  8. Xtreme, i remember there was more than one of u... Im not sure if they were just alts or fakes xD i was friends with two i remember xD
  9. [​IMG]

    Since other pics are like a year outdated...
  10. Ugh....D&D that game is terrible. I'm a Nintendo gamer bruh.
  11. you look like Shane Dawson.....Distant Relative? o.o
  12. [​IMG]

    Why not.....
  13. Hey shaktira. You has something on your face...
  14. Oli. smudge it off will ya?
  15. Yup (/).(\) can't show all of my face! I'm scared of trolls 
  16. Don't be scared xD