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  1. Too late, Kat already has :lol:
  2. Wearing a suit and a tie would suit you much better.
  3. Definitely not my style. I prefer welding all day everyday
  4. I would still like to know what i was doing wrong trying to post the image
  5. You need to

  6. Not mess up on bbcodes
  7. If you read page 1 you see "request for lock"
  8. It's not a request. If you read the other comments, it says that fando had the same thread and XTREME said if mods "feel" the need to lock it, then ok. Never did he say, lock my thread.
  9. Yet Xtreme has no problem calling out other threads for the same... Topic... And getting them locked... But his own is a copy.
  10. This is not the topic of this thread. If you feel the need to post off topic you can refrain from posting. Ty
  11. Those threads are always written poorly and don't even have a player pic in op.
    Besides, this thread is a part of KaW history.
    Hitting that two year anniversary soon
  12. Psh, exposed.
  13. Marry me
  14. [​IMG]
    Lets not go off topic here.
  15. Here's my selfie..