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  1. I feel like he doesn't know Gent if this is a response to him 
    I'm sure you look great for a kid. Congrats. Keep working hard, you'll get there!
  2. It was and I dont haha. Thx "kid"
  3. It's good. Not enough people staying fit and working hard to be so. I did it because I had to. He's doing it for himself and that's cool. Good on ya
  4. Oh eclipso i know the feeling xD
  5. thx gent! i did it more so.for the ladies ;)

  6. Yessss the ladies
  7. Fair enough reasons. I did it at first for the military deployments and my combat arm brothers & sisters. Then I just liked it. Keep it up. Let me know if you ever think of competing. I know some people and places.
  8. About as close to biceps and traps as I get, should look better once cutting season starts :lol: I'm 6'3 235 and I feel fat lmao

  9. Its your shoulders, the actual word is trapezious. Traps for short :D
  10. How do you get it to post the image
  12. [/IMGfit]http://rs1061.pbsrc.com/albums/t463/Elijah_E_Stillson/Mobile%20Uploads/14175402355862062111467_zps0e1edd03.jpg~320x480[/IMGfit]
  13. Lol do that 1 to please