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  1. 10/10 would Marry.

  2. Did someone say abs?
  3. Still Sexy as always

  4. Did someone say biceps? no? Too bad
  5. 9/10 would bang

    Did I say that :| :lol:
  6. Cant stop wont stop ;)
  7. I'd post my abs but they are not as good as yours
  8. Went from funny to serious to fun to "nope, I'd beat the hell out of my KID if they posted that". In only 1000 posts! 
  9. Someones jelly
  10. Same... :(
  11. I did work hard for them. Dedication and consistency is all it takes
  12. I work hard for mine.
  13. I work hard for my lack of.

    You know how much a girl has to eat to not lose weight during hunting season :|
  14. I feel as if this is a trap question