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  1. California lol
  2. Best toilet read is the KaW forums
  3. Nah bruh. Not me. Namean?
  4. Lol.
  5. Just enough to make a comment.
  6. Ayyy I'm wearing the same shirt right now
  7. This got popular
  8. It got popular 10,591 posts ago 
  9. Nice one
    How do you post pictures now?
  10. Tinypic.com

    Change upload size to 320/240 (something close)

    Copy paste IMG code
  11. You better have a gavel in your selfie.
  12. [​IMG] xD who couldn't love this face? i know i can't resist it …lolz
  13. o.o

  14. Before and after I "retired" after ee s2
  15. [​IMG]

    But will it work...