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  1. He is married i say!
  2. I say it doesn't matter!

    There is no ring!
    Mrs. Is a lie!

    Also, I'm taken so it doesn't matter xD xD
  3. Enjoy the lonely crabs 
  4. Wait who is jen
  5. Sorry Ladies I am indeed married to the current Mrs Fando!

  6. Issss noottttt

    Dude. Lemme see both your hands.
  7. False. I am shared between 2 people.

    And you are not one.
    And this is why you are not admin.
  8. Steals deni from fluff Jk
  9. Lord dulin, yup, she is no matter what she states otherwise.
  10. Yea she is mine! and Schsmi's!
  11. Why don't you retitle this "Fando/Deni Picture thread!"
  12. I trust lovely more than you so ya lovely is not taken by you