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  1. Lovely's gonna say Oh really shortly 
  2. Btw, I know I have one OMET in my militia, so I'm gonna consider all of you in it xD xD
  3. Yea Fando. Pink is amazing on you. Got more?
  4. baby! Fando is taken! :p hehe *looks at his ring*
  5. [​IMG]

    Real men wear pink!!
  6. So, I don't have anymore pics that the caption isn't "I was bored" or "I looked nice that day".

    So last one til I can find more in my fb albums.

    Going to my cousins benefit/memorial service today, pretty outfit :3
  7. I bet he is lurking you guys embarrassed him lol. 
  8. Lovely that look great :)
  9. Jenni, babes. I don't see a ring 0.0
  10. 

    Who you callin the lurker
  11. Omigod! that pink is wonderful on him! he has it on andtill keeps his masculinity! its amazing!
  12. No. Stick with pink
  13. pink is better :)