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  1. Yeah let's see it

    And yeah the foot sucked so bad I compare it to child birth and I haven't even had kids! Lol
    And lolz he's barely a bf anymore I never see him
  2. Well then.. Sorry?
  3. I want this on my right bicep
    and this on my back/chest (haven't decided yet)
  4. Lolz no sorry needed..
  5. Damn that looks awesome
  6. The eagle will suck pretty bad. The other one is kinda meh
  7. I'm going to get a tattoo of a grammar unicorn on my lower left abdomen/upper thigh :3
  8. Pain. The detailing would be slow
  9. Not that color, that was just the best version of it I could find. The sheer size of it will hurt, though.
  10. Any amount of detail is gonna hurt more than an outline.
  11. Soo awesome! :D
  12. [​IMG]

    That way it will look like I'm pissing a rainbow but its really just a unicorn >:D
  13. And depending on the facial expression. You could be doing more than pissing. That's what I'd go with.
  14. I did not kill this. Someone else say something.
  15. Too late Rot..