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  1. ^ means she's taken guys. Put your pants back on.
  2. DAMN she is taken... :cry: :cry:
  3. Lmfao yeah sorry guys I'm not looking for another kawlationship
  4. Oh I forgot to say my best friend has the other half of the butterfly in case anyone was wondering...
  5. Is there some meaning to it? Or just some crazy tattoo you woke up with and needed an explanation for?
  6. Punkerz sexy n all but wouldn't do me any good in game. Pfft kawlationship... Lol

    Plus, have you guys not seen the movie/show catfish? Interesting documentaries right there.
  7. Which one? The butterfly or the one on my shoulder?
    The butterfly my friend and I just decided to get one day we were liken"hey we get along and this will look cool so why not?"

    And the heart symbolizes some **** I went through back in my home state before chad (kaw dude) kind of rescued me and grout me 2,000 miles away to a whole different state to be with him (after he took a four day train ride to meet me)

    The tongue piercing was spur of the moment thing hurt like hell though my foot was worse
  8. Catfish is like the story of my life...well opposite...I'm surprised you guys don't know the story it used to be all over kaw
  9. [​IMG]
    Me when I found out #shegotaboyfriendalready
  10. That's cool. I got my state on my right bicep. I was a giant baby about it. I cant imagine getting a tattoo on my foot
  11. I wanna get a tattoo, then I am like "Ha... self-induced pain AND needles..." and I pass out lol
  12. Lol I got a few.
  13. It's actually not bad. Just get an outline. Filling is the worst.
  14. Boyfriend shmoyfriend
  15. No you don't know the tattoo that I want. I'll see if I can find a pic like it...
  16. I had a 6x7 done on my tat looks ******* AMAZING guy did it in an hour and a half with two cig breaks. Ain't gonna lie I almost pussies out on doing it in one setting. But it's bright and gorgeous. I guys wanna see it? Hasn't even been a month yet.