Player Photos

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  1. Haha I imagine these are lovely's thoughts (What? What with the dang)
  2. Come on guys, myself and lovely shouldn't be the only ones posting pics :lol:
  3. Ok, next pic I guess. Lemme go look. :roll:
  4. i aint posting anymore pics of me :) i promised not to :p
  5. Fluff i would shock myself if i put a photo on here
  6. Yea jenny did ya learn your lesson
  7. Awe, my poor baby :(

    Had my swag on this day:

    Got bored, braided it.
  8. Lol I'm such a fail. Posting in the wrong thread xD

    Anyways, I'll get some ~Lovely~<33 followers to post.
  9. Lovely like to see ya make me try and post
  10. Lol go check ~Lovely~<33 xD xD

    But yea, I'll get some people in here.
  11. Dayum fando! you look great in pink! :)
  12. Lol Lord she could but she wont
  13. Some men can't pull that off.
  14. Pretty please? My ~Lovely~<33 Militia? 