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  1. Hey guys, as some of you may remember, over a year ago Azure created one of these (he has now retired) so I figured I'd make a new one as no others are currently active.

    But before we get started, here as some very basic and simple rules to follow:

    How to post pics: www.tinypic.com change upload size to 320/240 whatever it is. Hit submit then copy paste IMG code.

    Do not post any inappropriate or overly revealing pictures

    Do not ask any gender to post a picture, as this violates ToU, Example "Hey guys only post pictures"

    Don't ask certain ages to post pictures, as this violates ToU, Example "Hey any 18 year olds please post pics"

    Posting Etiquette:

    Make sure any picture you post doesn't give away any personal info, such as don't post a picture of you posing in front of your town sign :lol:

    Let's keep this clean, appropriate, and have fun

    I'll start things off.

    Me practicing before a baseball game.

    I'm number 7 in above picture.

    Enjoy! :smile:
  2. Fando's thread is basically the same, but ah well :)
  3. My apologies, as I had not seen your thread.

    If a mod feels this is unsuitable or worthy of a lock, then so be it, otherwise remain on topic
  4. Xtreme, I'll go find a pic that I can post. I'll help keep on track I guess. 
  5. -Waits for lovely to post-
  6. [​IMG]

    This was on the way to a dinner/dance boat during my senior trip.
  7. Lol that's nice Dulin.
  8. Dang Lovely
  9. Yeah, it is dang lovely :lol:
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    ^^^^^thats me looking at forums
  11. Lovely you gut everyone posting now
  12. Should I have picked a different one? 
  13. I said I was gonna help xD xD