Suicide Prevention Week 

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  1. I'm never quite sure what to say when Suicide Prevention Week rolls around, so I'll keep this short. It may have capital letters only one week a year, but this is a battle that needs to be fought every single day. It's a battle that I, and so many others, do fight every day. Admitting I'm not over it isn't easy, but the stigma is ridiculous, and if even one person feels empowered to be open about their struggle after reading this, then it was worth it.

    Stay. I will too.

    If You support Put a  (A Purple Heart) in your Status Box

    -Grace 
  2. It's all of September.
    Ill support awareness along side you.
    Turquoise & purple are the colors.
  3. Don't do a suicide, it's bad for you
  4. Tbh suicide is bad for your health and can ruin your day
  5. This is great. Support!
  6. Much respect to you for having the courage to make this thread. Major support!
  7. Thank you!
  8. Someone loves you and would hurt without you in their life.
    Seek help if you recognize the onset of depression.......