 Happy New Year 2018! 

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  1. Hello, dear KaWmunity!

    As it's New Years Eve, I'm gonna take a look back at what has happened the past year in KaW. 2017 has been an interesting year, with a lot of new stuff/features being released!

    We've got many different types of events this year. Or as they appeared after May and onwards: Legends! A whole new system that gave us different types of events or mini quests. For example the PVP event where everyone was opted in, or the Legendary Weekend Challenge where players went crazy for Warbeasts.

    This Spring, the Building Tokens were introduced, giving players another way to build buildings and expand their kingdoms. Later new lands were released, the Deepmine, making it possible to grow even more.

    This Summer, Transmution was introduced, making it possible to do something with old unused equipment. These Charms were placed in the Showcase, where other items also were moved to. A new premium epic battle, The Netherking, was released, and ZTA became permanent.

    This Summer we also had the All Star Wars 2017, in August. The winners were Cyan Lions, and everyone on the team received their own special banner! There were no Season Wars this year, to many players' disappointment.

    In September another new feature was released: Trading. Players could now trade items in the Showcase with each other. We also celebrated KaW's 8th Years Anniversary, and the oldest players received an achievement.

    A month later, Furnishings were released, giving players the opportunity to add Furnisings to their workshop, throne room, and beast chamber. We also celebrated Halloween, and got some pretty cool Halloween banners. Sadly they gave no stats.

    Throughout the year there has been released multiple small features or improvements. We got a new support system, more daily speakers, clan ads, the ability to report players, and a new sorting/filter system for the Showcase and the trade menu. The wall, contacts, inbox and chat were also updated with a whole new design.

    A lot has happened this year, and I'm looking forward to what's going to happen the next year!

    Lastly, I'd like to wish all KaW players a
  2. Cool story bruh
  3. To sum up, not a single good update 2017.
  4. All we getting for new years is 1 xtal? Where are the holiday promos this is lame
  5. Why not eh.....let my last post of 2017 not be a troll post.

    Happy new year all
  7. Another year of KaW screwing their players. Happy 2018
  8. TL;DR - Trash Updates to ruin BFA + To ruin the game and EE.