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  1. The "no bumping dead threads" doesn't apply to threads made by blumpy.
  2. No, No No! I want hitler for mod! I'm sure he's qualified!
  3. See his post before trolling the hell out of me plz....
  4. For protection.
  5. It's not in there yet shol?
  6. Oh never mind ._.
  7. He wasn't one already?

  8. I thought you had to be 17 to be a mod.
  9. @Morik
    Look at the date on the first post. This is an old thread.
  10. Bump because this thread wins.
  11. Ask for a 'best of' just don't bump old threads.
  12. To all mods here i hv a question...how to make a beta-test?
  13. You can't anymore.
    Beta has been CLOSED.

    You can refer here to what happened during the last beta test though.
    Beta testing is over. Thanks everyone!

    @OP(Original Post);
    If you wish to recommend someone for the Moderator Position, you may do so by emailing Support@AThinkingApe.com .