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  1. Blumpy you're slow. He was a mod yesterday. 
  2. Blumpy and me were just talking, he offered to make a thread as not many people knew and I said he could...

    And thanks guys :)
  3. Gratsias benny
  4. Gratz Benny u Rock
  5. Benny is awesome! He's #2!!! (sorry, cor always comes first..)
  6. Gratz Benny! 
  7. Benny is my best friend 
  8. Why sad face?
  9. You're my only friend 
  10. yay. Congrats benny
  11. Hey sumsette! That's another person who... No nevermind she hates me too.
  12. You definitely earned it.
  13. I was forced to ask Benny a stupid question cuz he always asked if there were any questions on wc
    Anyways, congrats Benny!
  14. wats a moderator?
    congratz Benny
  15. A moderator is someone who 'moderates' the game. In most instances this is recording abuse, profanity, Terms Of Service Violations, offering help and answering questions...as well as taking apropriate action if need be.
  16. Congrats Benny 
  17. Classic thread. Beautiful.
  18. Was there a point in bumping this ridiculously old thread? It doesn't help to show people everything they know. I will probably be trolled for yelling at you but I don't care. Don't bump dead threads!