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  1. I can't think of a better candidate for a moderator than the one and only Benny who is not only experienced, but also extremely helpful. GRATZ BEN10, KAW'S NEW MODERATOR!!! PARTAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! Oh, you're 13. No drinking =/

  3. "new" I didn't no he was new
  4. He became moderator yesterday.
  5. :mrgreen: CONGRATS BENNY 
  6.  i just thought he was already one?
  7. I bet I put this in the wrong section =/ oh wells, I'm benny's number 1 noob! 
  8. Congrats benny!!!

    And yes you did blumpy
  9. LOL, Benny you need to punish Blumpy for you first Appointed job, LOL
  10.  that's quite uncool.
  11. Blumpy, why?
    I would have liked to have it as quiet as possible lol... Still, too late. Good luck Benny, we already talked and we've worked together in the past. Etc etc.
  12. Yea Benny! Your only 13? U seem older cause I always see u on wc saying if u got a q ask. You will be a great Mod congratz! (from the kid u don't know)
  13. Why as quiet as possible? o.0 One man show? 
  14. Yay... Bennys my new farm.. Er um MOD.. Yay
  15. A mod?? How did u become that and what do mods do???
  16. You have to be as cool as benny or corinthian which is nearly impossible.
  17. Pssshh im qualfied
  18. We patrol world chat and forums and enforce the TOS and answer questions about KaW.(basically)

    to be a mod just do that^ using feedback and wall/forums/chat warnings plus the feedback button to report enough times, be seen as a helpful player in the community, and when you are nominated/approuched however people will be surprised you weren't one earlier. It's a transition thing.