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  1. You guys are funny. If I wanted to be higher in rank I would sell my nobles and buy tons of high priced alliies... The issue I brought up was leader board is not balanced . How can someone be 1 in ranking and 22 in hire rate with being 16 in battles. And number 4 is ranked 49 in battles... Come on please... Haha
  2. I actually like Scrim's idea on this one. Also, what's the point in being #1 and all your loot gets cut in half? Worked hard to get #1 and now working harder to get off the LB. WTF eh?
  3. KHE you will always be on... Get used to as I will be... Lol

    But disturbing as someone 4th can be #49 place in battles and be still 4th.. 
  4. Deathmonkey that's because each category of the leaderboards has different factors that contribute to ur ranks. U can win 1000 battles and get higher in battles won leaderboard. Bit unless u increase ur stats ie attack/def str in some way ur position on overall leaderboards will remain the same. Unless someone else gains or lowers thier stats that was close to ur strengths... Different leaderboards... Different factors. If u want a leaderboard that's affected by ur average between all the other ranks compared to other players u would need an entirely new category cus that doesn't exist ATM... That is not what overall is about.. It's about who's the strongest at that time!
  5. DM

    it helps if you mentally replace the name of the "overall" leaderboard with "strongest kingdoms" or something.
  6. Which all leads to leader board is not a leader board... It 4 different leaderboards

    infra is now 4 th and 40th in battles and 46th in allies... So we now know it's seperate leaderboards
  7. Thanks cho... Yep 
  8. ok developer jist messaged Nd said all leaderboards are seperate..

    Let this thread die
  9. i wanna bump this old one
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  11. I said wut wut in the butt
  12. An epic old thread :)
  13. Alliance is the driven resource. It's not only how many allies you have but also the cost of allies. The more allies and high price you have, you are more likely to be higher in overall.

    The least LB that has any effect to Overall is the value board.
  14. Also, the higher you are on LB, the lesser you are making in plunder. Because you are consider a strong or stronger or strongest kingdom compare to the weaker opponent.

    And via versa, if you are weaker and hitting stronger opponents, you will makin huge plunder, but fail change will be more and troops lost will be lots.
  15. I'm still confused as to how they are ranking. I tend to agree that being number one in other categories should play a significant role in how you're ranked overall. That just makes sense to me.
  16. Wow old thread
  17. OMG! Majesty shows a form of life! PRAISE THE LORD!!
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