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  1. If you were here at the time foxes were created When ig was the true ig you would still of thought of the foxes as the good guys.
  2. Hey Ive got nothing better to do so I guess I'll tell u future boobs that I was first in some c rappy clan I cannot remember then I quit to go to the Olympians who I quit from because there was no organizeatiom and I was herra  and now im a admin in inca empire best clan evar hope world still around for u guys
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  3. For all future kaw players........ Beware of iG

    U might go blind to over exposure of pure awesomeness
  4. Hey new players this is a good game and when u read this u are proberly being hired or talked to and the person who is might be gettinh angry so run will be the thing i tell u
  5. FEAR ME!!!
    Remember my Name
    Don't farm me because when I come back You will be DRAIN!!
    Chick Magnet
    Playah Playah
  6. Fgh, things are not nearly as bad as you make out. also save the ig/fox war all wars have ended within a few days. Don't be fooled people! I'll put my Really Long Post I've been requested later.
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  7. I am in new clan INFRARED we are all jyst learning and having fun together just enjoy game people
  8. I am in new clan INFRARED we are all jyst learning and having fun together just enjoy game people

    Hello, dear readers,

    Let me provide you with a summary of my KaW experience up to this point. I started out in mid-December, and I progressed somewhat slowly. After a few negative experiences attacking people, I made most of my money via quests. I progressed well that way, and then I decided to turn into a pure spy. As a pure spy, I was able to steal from people without pretty much getting caught, and I kept upgrading. Then, when I got to the point that it would take 600 mil. to buy the next land, I got bored.

    At that point (I think it was around mid-January), I made the best decision ever... I joined a clan :D I became a Fox, and I stayed a pure spy for a while. I was told to spy on LordDroopy (who now no longer exists :( ), and I started making a lot more money than I used to. Plus, nobody would get mad at me for spying on them. After a few days as a spy, I followed the advice of other clan members, and I switched to a mix build and bought allies. Thanks to max ally plunder, I was able to LC in a few days... amazing experience. I would like to thank those who helped me understand the game mechanics, but I am afraid I would forget someone, and so I'd rather not give an extensive list. Let me just mention Isaq, who helped me out greatly as soon as I became a Fox, SnakeEye, Pollyanna, and tmh (now UncleChu).

    I like to keep the game interesting by switching around a lot. At some point, I had 10 factories, but then I went back to just 2 for a pretty long time.

    After being a Fox for a while, I left with a few other people and I am now a member of New Order. I started climbing the leaderboards, and I am currently up to 66 in "Most Wins," which I think is a great accomplishment. I was also in the Top 200 in Ally Strength and Overall Strength. However, it got a bit boring again, and so I just changed build and went back to a pure spy. I will be an OSF for a little bit (until that gets boring... lol).

  10. I fell asleep twice reading tht 
  11. KotR - knights of the republic r hated by 20 clans. Due to king_r0b
  12. Hmmmmmmmmm this is hard but I would like to say that this game is fun and consumes too much time but who cares wen ur having fun peace out FOXLINGS RULE
  13. herro i da asiann
  14. This game is awesome!!! Three Days Grace is a good band... Thats it
  15. I am God that is all april 15 2010
  16. If anyone is to read this in the near future and I don't play anymore, continue the legendary "i" like use it in your name. That's why my signature is iZaln. Long live the "i"!

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  17. Bump for anyone that hasnt posted...
  18. In the future I will be on the lb just wait and see 