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  1. Cheesemuffin, voodoo And chaos together destroyed kawtion u were nothing but a fly u did nothing to hurt kawtion, voodoo and chaos destroyed it
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  2. Hi formerly known as mjsgoku mjs=my initials which are private lol I reset once cause I didn't like pure spy then went hybrid then went broke but had a redemption with the reset best mentors are mrbingo koolaid blumpy my best freind thewolflord best clan legends best stratagy your own "you have nothing to fear but fear itself" abide by tht ull do fine I hope I sound wise to u youngun's but I'm only 15 sooooo not too wise yet soo if u need help or wanna tlk politics ps u see me in wc saying stuff lol or just wanna unload onna stranger i can be drphil + I'm a good massuse lol luv y'all g'night
  3. @gurthrang kawtion was a good clan lots of ppl with good stats for being so new I would say that if it was still around it would be an awesomely great clan
  4. Compared to sone clans they didn't have stats were that great but I didn't know them well besides the hell that killjoy777 was. Maybe they would be a great clan now possibly. Sorry for 5x post btw was some bad lag.
  5. Remeber me byFireStyle
  6. It's alrighty
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  7. hi future KaW players...i've made an alliance thread i wonder if it's still around!
    I guess you could say i'm a very SLOW advancing player,(i don't think i'll ever get a LC) with bad spelling. :?
    (thank god for spell check) :p
    never reseted, don't plan to(unless i get an LC) :cool:
    Joined only 1 official (and sucessful) clan so far. MOJO!
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  8. Hi,

    I'm a player who is becoming well known and I have been playing since (click my name to see). I've recently LC and created my own clan,
    Conclave of Shadows, And we are growing steadily. We are still a weak clan compared to IG and Fox, but we are confident, and our future is looking bright. Right now, we have IG and Fox both looking for us to join their side in the next great war.

    Thanks for your time,
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  9. Bump... Please tell your friends to
    post here
  10. Hello past present and future kaw players! I've been around since a little after the game started and I've met many great and awesome ppl. I've helped many and have been helped by many. This has been my only name since I started and if I reset it will stay the same. So if ur new and I can help, I'd be glad too! I'm always lurking somewhere.......... I only recently joined my first and only clan and i love it but its also fun to play solo. MOJO
  11. I don't think anyone read my post. They didn't say what they thought of it.
  12. Heya Future KaW players. I joined KaW when it didn't have Clans, Crystals, Auto World chat, 3rd tier attack buildings, and the store only had around 2 attk items, 2 def items, 2 spy attk items, and 2 spy deff items (approximately). I made the First Story ever on KaW called "Dimenia" and it included all the Characters that were playing KaW at that time that went onto the forums, I accidentally made Benny a girl when he waas a guy..... lol woops. Anywho, I will eat your souls and the devil shall rise again to take you and your children to hell and burn them with eternal rage....... have fun :)
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  13. Hi future KaW players I currently am making my way up through the ranks of my clan trying to make it to the top. If there is one thing that I have learned from this game, it is that teamwork and friendship are the two most helpful things to have. Join a clan socialize and remember that everyone around you is not your enemy. Make friends and have fun. Thx

  14. Hello past, present, and future players remember me (MyNameIsKyle.) I was probably known for being epic and starting Midnight Clan Kudos who is still playing, this game is to addictive
  15. Dear future gamers,

    Please remember your manners. There are real players behind these avatars.

  16.  I've been playing a few months. I really got a lot of help when I joined my clan. There wonderful, helpful, fun & play by the rules! There awsome! 
     4 Clan. MoJo
  17. Wow great post
    please continue
    Tell others to post here!!
  18. note to future players i am weak so feel free to farm me that is all :I :evil:
  19. Ok here is a good one, does anyone remember thr earliest Kaw version that had troops and spys in one progress bar line?yep there was just one bar showing troop and spy amounts. I updated kaw One day and they divided spies from troops into two seperate bars