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  1. dont know what to say..soooo...
  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmzzz

    I was here.
  3. 2nd scare or wound i have on Kaw was i was making steady but sliw progress. It was so hard to upgrade and one day im like pk all these people are saying" buy my allies in World Chat so im gunna try it.

    I had a ton of cashOn hand waiting to upgrade, so im like"please buy my allies in World chat, but in stead of someone buying my allies i was gang raped. 64bitbob came barrelling in and stole my loot... Along with a couple others, im like WTF"

    DIdt speak in World chat for a long time after that
  4. I like pie :)


    ˙˙˙podı ʎɯ ǝʞoɹq noʎ ʞuıɥʇ ı
  5. All I can say is that when this is opened everybody will know who I am Anyway, I, the Lord of the Dawn, look forward to the new faces and powers of the future, and to preserve the memories of those in the now and of those past.
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  6. I doubt you guys will remember any of us...well that's what this is for, right? Well I probably won't quit for a while so no sweat, unless we are talking like 5-10 years. Woah, just thinking about that gives me the creeps. Anyway see yahope ya remember us!
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  8. Hi future KaW players. I was first known as Raven. I was one of the first to join the game, and easily made number one on the leaderboard. I coined the idea of having clans, and the players that played then agreed it would be a good idea. I made a clan called "Kings Life" which was the first clan in KaW. I decided that the app "Pal" would be an effective way to communicate. I told my clan members this, and they agreed. Soon after i made the clan, another player decided to make a clan. They declared war on King's Life and soon after we were fighting the first KaW war. They beat us after a week of hardship. They told us to disband, and we did. Not wanting to be ashamed, we hid any evidence that our clan ever existed. I then decided to quit for some time. I couldn't keep off, so I joined again in Demember, only under a different name. I didn't want all the publicity, so I kept being raven a secret.  I became number one on the Leader Board once again, this time within the week i started, without using nobility. Other KaW players, not knowing I was Raven, grew jealous of my extraordinary growth as a player. So a few of them made a group. It was called VooDoo. It's purpose was to overthrow me. They used nobility to gain money. They used that money to hire a group of mercs. Those mercs robbed me of my allies and took all my money. I decided to reset to make them back off. Once i reset, they acted like nothing happened. Since they used mercs, and I was only on the LB a couple days, they were able to cover up the overthrow and became a clan. They pretended that the formation of their clan was because they wanted a new clan. Due to it being covered up, few players ever knew I was once number one on the leader board. I grew slowly that time around, knowing that VooDoo was still out there, and was keeping an eye on me. One day, i decided that using my iPod was a burden when i could easily play KaW on the computer. It wasnt out on computers though. So I used the Kingdoms at War developers' top secret account to talk with them about the possibility of creating a computer version. They agreed and eventually made it. Being humble, i asked them not to mention it being my idea. Realizing Kool-Aid was a mod now, I soon discovered that the mod I once knew, Corinthian, was missing. So in March, I located him using his iPods GPS. I found him lying at home playing other video games. I convinced him KaW was the one he should play. Yet, he couldn't, he told me, because his iPod was unfortunately broken. I told him about the online version, and he happily agreed. He is still playing currently. And those are my accomplishments in the game.   
  9. Oh yeah, and Klzeek= King's Life Zeek. Zeek is my name.
  10. 1.There is no such thing as farming, it's strategy. Example:you attack a guy and fail and then assassinate his troops 5times and then attack em, that's not farming, it's strategy.

    2.Don't let people tell you what to do, do what you feel like, it's just a game.

    3.Join an active clan if you can, it's pretty cool to be able to war with other clans.
  11. I don't have much to say but I'll post some of my thoughts

    "The past is behind us, don't look back. Look towards the future." ~ Alex W. Emerick

    "Together we can accomplish anything, but if we don't agree, everthing we've achieved falls apart and means nothing." ~ Alex W. Emerick

    "At the pinnacle of our success, we must fall to attain an even greater height." ~Alex W. Emerick

    "In order to succeed in life, to gain friends, and to understand what we do not, you need to accept your limits and work with them."
    ~Alex W. Emerick

    "At the turning point of your life, look back and remember all of those that assisted you to that point. No matter how diligent you are, you would've never been able to accomplish the tasks set before you yourself. From your greatness comes an even greater team of supporters." ~Alex W. Emerick

    i also have a poems thread somewhere in the off topic threads, I can't find it though. Lol
  12. Hi everyone! I am known for running KaWtion, and disbanding KAW!
  13. One time early in Kaw i was tiling my bathroom in Real life. And i was feeling pretty good cuz i was ranked about 30, 35, back then LB was only top
    25. It was just out of reach

    i was so mad cuz my old owner Veshrue who attacked me was up there along with 64 bitbob.

    Then out of nowhere comes Keld_maraxus he was on LB too and he came barreling through my kingdom and attacked me so hard i yelled "HELP HELP" assassin and TZ came to my rescue. TZ put a smiley on my wall :) thats before we had emojies.

    Then TZ said do you want me to buy u? I was so scarred by my previous owner i didnt know how to answer him so im lke " i cant figure out why people keep saying "buy me" but he ended up buying me and helping me in kaw.
  14. TZ, Corinthian, DM, mccc, I can't remember all of them. Lol, but there are MANY MANY more who are very friendly and helpful. I'm gonna have to think of them
  15. Future KaW players, I would be considered a normal KaW player, but there is something I wish to say. There used to be a clan called KaWtion. I doubt if many remember it now. Anyway, I joined and I made lots of friends and I was happy. But, the leader was a complete ass. I didn't like him, and when he made one of my friends leave, I tried to fake a war between KaWtion and another clan. I was kicked, but the clan immediately began to fall apart. I have left my mark on KaW history by eliminating a great clan with a terrible leader. I did not intend for the clan to fall, but for all of you who wanted to know how KaWtion, I am the cause. For future KaW players, this is Cheesemuffin, the KaWtion destroyer. :( Im sorry
  16. Blibo should go in cos he is a legend
  17. Since when was kawtion considered great?
  18. Since when was kawtion considered great?
  19. Since when was kawtion considered great?
  20. Since when was kawtion considered great?