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  1. Chinese food.
  2. I have eleven toes.
    Hopefully by the time this is dug up and read, I will have twelve.
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  3. Hi future.
  4. I've played this game for over a year now I have laughed,cried and found some great friends on here. I still wonder what I'm doing playing this silly game,but I don't think I will every stop playing this
  5. I want my old account back... :(
  6. What a trip down memory lane... So many old faces who quit or got banned so long ago.
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  7. That's me, I was a God of Breakfast. I miss fellow God Xtra Crispy Bacon, who is also on this thread, and the multitude of demigods we had in the pantheon :(
  8. Im a well loved kaw warrior, i never scam people or throw wars, rab is my best friend, #freemusang
  9. Congrats KAW for completing 11 years.
    almost completed 7 years, and saw this time capsule now.
    Some known names, old war players, Webbsy (coolest mod, rarely visits wc now):)
    Yeah great time being for every players (Active Old, New, Comeback).....Good memory trip if we all keep posting.
  10. Its interesting reading through and seeing what people thought was important at the time. Clans that have abolished, wars that have ended, people who have phased from the memories of all but a few who still linger on.

    Id urge people to leave a thought here, no matter how insignifigant. Maybe someone will dig this up in another 5-8 years and have their own neat trip down memory lane- recalling the good times that they and you may have shared.

    Besides, the people who made this in the first place would be tickled pink to know it's survived all this time.
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  11. The game has changed so much and when we were all together I swear people had hell figuring out who to hit..All of my omet brothers and sister had taken this game into a hole different level.. this were great days..
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  12. Lol, I ended up an omet target for a bit.....long time ago
  13. That time when WiG and IG old schooler brood_warrior sent photo of his pecker to the wife of one of his allied clan owners.

  14. I don’t remember if I ever got around to posting on here back in the day, but I certainly enjoyed going back through the thread and reminiscing now that I’m playing again. A lot of old friends are here. I hope they are doing well, wherever they are in life.
  15. That time there was a trolling war between PIMD and kaw that the Devs ended up addressing with bans for "inciting riots between games"

    I'll take the credit for that. 2016>
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  16. Man, that happened way earlier in KaW too, like 2011. It was with some similar, but non-ATA taptapp. Idr how it started, but I think the two companies' support crews teamed up to ban particularly egregious participants 😂 This even happened twice , one time was relatively small, but the other was a huge mess
  17. Serious man? Didn't even know that. I was literally like 13 back then. Still noteworthy. So sad to see forums like this. You're one of the few mods that's making an effoet
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  18. That time when all you saw in game chat was zaft zaft zaft zaft zaft zaft.man it was hilarious