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  1. I can't think of anything. When T46 comes out, I'd love to be rich enough to buy em. Hire me when they do.
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  2. Wish this had more posts from the past but great to see some old names there.
    Just your local noob passing by
  3. 11-May-14

    A king was here 

    Status: OSW
    Kings Vs IDD

    Phase: Grind

    Note: length 6 months
    Bravo Kings family for dedication.
    Respect to IDD.
  4. Anything in Best Of cannot really be "necrobumped"

    Nor can anything bumped in the name of the HTSS ;)
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  5. I was here again  lol
  6. It's so weird that this was four years ago
  7. Hi me
  8. An item I would like to be remembered is...The "Skull". It sucks and will forever bring memories of how terrible the feather event was!
  9. Hello kaw . Fellow  here. If you are reading this , I probably have a girlfriend 
  10. Future jobo do the devs still suk badly and keep failing in the future?
  11. Advice to you future KaW players, don't log on after being inactive for a year and for no reason, spontaneously join an osw if you don't plan on committing to it. I'd explain why, but I'm afraid my WoW raid queue has popped and I must ignore the current osw I'm in (An8, Osiris) and go smash some keys on a keyboard for 40 minutes.
  12. Kawing since 2010 
  13. I have destroyed 597 clans and have disbanded 89 and have been farmed by thousands of players and you know what it is my only entertainment out of kaw
  14. Midgets covered in Bacon grease. Nuff said.
  15. I like this game a lot
  16. Was this just taken out of Best Of?
  17. I would suggest reading into your build before deciding on going hansel or attack cause once your bigger it's not easy to switch your build.. Hansels are great for war and get lots of mith .. Attack builds just good gold .. Hit ebs good.. Hybrid might get the best of both worlds if you build it right.. Do some reading in forums before you go crazy on buildings.. Buying land is very important and having good ally's to make you money.. Also game of thrones is so awesome. Lol this is my time capsule .. Enjoy KaW this game is very addicting and very fun.. 
  18. Since '09  KaW too addicting to leave.
  19. Hopefully the people that read this thread in the future have had the devs fix the game. Good luck in the battles that are to come!