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  1. i remember the days where i made Ivalice Alliance, and then helped joinme with NBN <3 good times wish i could go back
  3. Hello. Please go to the recent 2011 time capsule or else I will personally eat you.
  4. Page 8 for my original perspective...nothing has changed....
  5. Well Hello, future KaW players. I do hope you find your journey throughout this land of Noblemen exciting, as I have. I have been through basically everything you can do and am, therefore, a wiseman on the game. Good luck! -KingLordMe :D
  6. i am a KaW player started yesterday and my old acct was lost sadly but i do have a few good friends here they are.......XxXxXAngelic-TitanXxXxX,Jesop,and the OutlawZ family!!!i will edit this when i get into the game further XD :lol: :D
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    Now an interesting read
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    Good read deserves to be in Active for a bit :D
  10. Always remember the battle list is your best friend, it's the best way to meet some of the best warriors in kaw, plus nearly all my best kaw friends are from the battle list, and remember it's only a game never take anything to heart happy kaw to you all
  11. Let me mark my territory.

    *Begins to urinate on said tree*

  12. Hello my name is Tyler I am in Ultra Clan. We are a very tight not family. We fight as one. I am currently at 11.2mil cs and growing. Also the quetzal feather event just ended and it was fun.
  13. *throws par army into time capsule*
  14. Ex worm Lotr perm. (Good idea btw boom)
  15. Don't know if necro bumping or if it's allowed only in this thread..