WAR #8 server crash

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  1. Ty for looking into this Bruce ... also FYI .. the response that “this happened to both sides so doesn’t affect the outcome” is a ludicrous response...and if you played your own game or warred in it you would think the same !!! There’s tons of factors in warring and often wars are won or lost in the last 15 minutes when xtals are used..
    Also it didn’t happen to everyone...sheep hate me on the opposition clan was left on-line to plunder our side freely with no incoming...and ended up top war rank.... hmmm ...doesn’t really sound like fair game play ...compensating both sides for ata’s mistake makes sense to me ...
  2. Thank you, Bruce, for responding to this. Unlike my pve experience, which was hardly affected by the server outage, I think you have to acknowledge that a mid-war outage totally messed up their pvp warring for both teams. Who can say for sure what the unaffected outcome would have been? Best to just give them all EE and items and refund any health crystals expended and draw a line under it. It's all virtual anyway and costs you nothing.
  3. @ DEVS - What a lousy feedback from your side. Seriously.....? Is that how you communicate with long term players. You got nothing better to say. Shame on you.
  4. I guess they’re sleeping
  5. Support.

    The lack of proper acknowledgement proves again how little devs care about wars nowadays.
  6. @Devs

    If you do nothing you will show a lack of professionalism

    We play this games for several years. The least you can do is to give EE with rewards to both side when your servers go down.

    Hope you will think about it
  7. Still nothing? Does it really take more than 24 hours to sort this out? Are you this incompetent?
  8. It shows just how little they care. I won't spend any money on a broken system with little effort to make right of their own wrongs, bad match ups are one thing but server related loses and a sorry not sorry response really makes my blood boil. I want my crystal and EE back.
  9. I finally got a response from devs :

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the slow reply. To my knowledge, players were comped for this issue and the losing side was paid out as if they won

    ..... only problem is ...NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!!

    No xtal returned ... no mith refunded ... no EE lvl increased.... no compensation received at all.

    I really hope you put some actions behind your empty promises!
  10. Same here.
  11. Ditto! nada zip zilch thanks for.... nothing
  12. Same..... again with the generic response.
  13. KAW support has been outsourced to a call center in India ...don't expect a whole lot (as if you ever could)
  14. Day 2 ... no progress.... devs can’t do anything correct still.... the fight continues
  16. I am boycotting wars from here on out. This may be the nail in the coffin for me.
  17. Day three ....NOTHING
  18. Devs finnaly gave all rewards like we won the war. With 1 crux free