WAR #8 server crash

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  1. So kicked off kaw with 12mins left in war.

    15mins to get back on war is over.
    101 on war leaderboard going for top 100 for 1st time in months is compromised.
    Lose war and EE and a wasted crystal.

    What is ATA going to about it?
  2. Happened to me too and rest of clan ... how about picking a better time to release updates and crash servers ?

    I too would like my xtal returned and my EE lvl restored!!!
  3. Agreed. Another servercrash in the heat of the game (war 8) just when xstals were called. Does it ever stop?
  4. I agree !
    Plz give back EE / Xtal / etc...
  5. about to xstal plunder go zt and boom!!!! sql server fail with inability to reconnect, war over, fail. I went ahead and proactively kicked myself in the nuggets for good measure, I thought tech dev would enjoy this.
  6. I was in same Clan. I believe we were on a good Track to win this war even our plunder was behind opp at that Time.

    ONCE more i lost ee and a whole Lot of precious time. A compensation- especially the spell- would be the least.
  7. Sry for Double-Post. Still laggy
  8. Same here, thrown out restore ee n xtal etc
  9. I was there too i can say that we were going to take lead i'm 200% sure of that.

    I've send feedback and they answered by saying that it affected both side so there is no advantage to any one.


    You devs never played your game? You should be ashamed.

    I claim that you should upgrade our ee by 2 lvl and give xtal back as it would be if your wobbly servers didnt crashed.
  10. I was on the other side of the war from OP and support their request for compensation. I sent feedback on the problem and received this as a part of ATA's response:

    "Though it affected wars, it would have affected both sides of the war so no one player got an unfair advantage."

    This has to be about the most INSIPID response ever. As a very basic component of wars: when you crystal, when the other side does, how much time remains in the war, and a myriad of other factors play in to how devastating a crash in the system would be for one side or the other.

    I wonder if those answering the feedback questions even play this game?

    In any event, good luck to you in getting compensation if that is the attitude of the people at ATA support.
  11. Yikes . . . rage posting and computer lag are a bad combination.
  12. Same response Kage

    Hi there, our apologies for the issue. Server problems have now been resolved. Though it affected wars, it would have affected both sides of the war so no one player got an unfair advantage. If you had a used a Crux, we can verify this on a case-by-case basis. Please send in a new ticket if you would like us to review. Thank you for your patience!

    I said on a return post...
    Wrong. It does not effect both sides. War strategy was compromised is the truth.Many ppl very unhappy

    Nobody will know for sure who may have won. This is not a win/lose gripe cuz all know all wars r not decided after 48mins. When FAUST our cr 1 is 100/100 after xtal thats a ton if plunder there alone lost.

    ATA return response...
    Thanks for contacting us! Our support team generally works from 10 AM to 6PM in Pacific Time, so it might take some time for us to reply, but don't worry! We'll make sure to review your issue and reply promptly!

    That is helpful at least. Ty

    Lastly nobody uses s crux in wars that understands its useless. Lol
    Ty all for posting and GL
  13. Hey taking a look at what went down friends. Appreciate your patience.
  14. Agreed! it’s outrageous to say 12 minutes doesn’t matter in a war!? how idiotically ludicrous!! and it’s about time you stopped sharing a single support account and became ‘individually accountable’ for the naive inconsiderate cut n paste responses you often give demonstrating a complete lack of both effort and knowledge of KaW e.g. ‘using a crux in war’ not to mention it was a server outage - watch this space take it away Bruce...a real Ape! - Ajax!!!
  15. KaW (not to mention all of our games) have a considerable depth and learning curve and for that reason we have some of support focus solely on a single game. Sometimes when demand requires the teams band together to help each other out and get eyes on your feedback as soon as possible. In this instance that led to a mention of cruxes being relevant in wars. Not the end of the world. Cut’em some slack.

    Everyone is being compensated accordingly. Apologies to those who had a negative war experience! Sometimes server outages are unavoidable and sometimes they happen at the most inconvenient of times.
  16. Tyvm for the reply and attention