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  1. still is. Closed for winter. We are back.
  2. Knighthawk you should probably watch how you talk. Before you wake up "STRIPPED"
  3. Just putting input no offense to either side, stateing my opinion

    ~For real though, good luck :)
  4. Knight hawk has 8 bil in allies
  5. I already know ur tz sir…
  6. who is all in this OSW?
  7. Kay kk coming home
  8. if u guys wanna hansel on ur side im availible ;) osw should be interesting
  9. Lol nighthawk you noob don't banter on a war thread when you know nothing about the clans.
  10. hawk already 0ed…… :(
  11. Nice build odin :) should upgrade ur hatchery
  12. Make this easy and get out.
  13. Wonder how gogo is doing…
  14. How many of you are out there?
  15. Wtf odin i backed off