Your favourite Bike in the Movies

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshesOfEden, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Let's face it, Ashes.

    If we gonna get down and nasty and talk bicycles, too ('DMX "X Gone Give it to you"' plays...His album sure is popular at this event, huh?)I'm going to pull out this bad boy!

    BOOM! *drops mike*

    This thread ain't dying yet. Mom's spaghetti!
  2. Oh no you didn't! Tell me you didn't go BMX ET on my ass..

    You leave me no choice but to bring out.

    *DMX Where the hood at? plays

    Lori Loughlin in Rad!

    There.. My full house beats ur ET
  3. Any motorcycle made in America
  4. I fold...

    Just going to go and rethink my life...

  5. Pull over Pingu!

    *Forum mod's voice "Respect mah authoriteh!"
  6. Seriously... A bike thread you forget about the greatest bike of all time?!

    I'll just leave that here..
  7. Actually, Prime, I see what you did just there...

    you won the internet
  8. Ok... If we're going old school and talking Big Wheels, then you cant forget who made them famous! My hats off to anyone that pegs this classic...

    Yes, Im really that old. :)
  9. I'm going with Dorothy's bicycle seat from the wizard of Oz.
  10. Isn't that one of them four wheeled thingies? The fangled-knick-knacks that you don't have to balance on?

    Forgot what you call them. Cor? Keer? Something like that.

    No, this is all about the two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles up in here (curses, Ashes! Got me talking like DMX now)

    Only time I go four-wheels is when I gots my stabilisers on.
  11. Ghost riders motor bike is awesome
  12. No1 Curr...

    Get it.. Curr... Nvm

    Wub ya Eyelash!
  13. Ghost rider bike is deffo awesome..

    For PRIME, Pee Wee is disqualified cos he knocked down all those hells angels bikes (by accident)