Your favourite Bike in the Movies

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  1. DMX "Up in here" plays..

    All my ruff ryders, g'on meet me outside, meet me outside, meet me outside

    A'right.. You ruff ryders.. Let's talk about


    No..we're not talking bicycles...

    We're talking the sublime machines with a gasoline engine and two wheels.. We're talking one of the best experiences a person can have on land!! (Ok second best)

    Basically I have listed some cool bikes from some of the memorable movies.. You can vote or choose which ones that you like the best (bonus if you can name the movie), or suggest some (either from the movies or RL or anywhere )

    Let's throttle

    Spectre assassins with 650CC Gold BSA Lightning bike
    [​IMG] With Rockets! [​IMG]

    Of course Double Oh Seven shows us the proper way to ride with a lady..

    [​IMG] BMW R 1200!

    What did Steve McQueen use for his Great Escape? [​IMG] A Triumph TR6! (Made to look like a WW2 bike)

    How cool is it to go for a gentle cruise in the country with your dad? [​IMG] Dnepr MT 11 with Sidecar

    What do you ride when you are suspected as a deep sleeper KGB agent? [​IMG] Triumph Street Triple R

    Long time ago.. In a Galaxy far far away.. They rode supercool bikes too [​IMG]

    According to Star Trek, hover bikes are in our near future.. [​IMG]

    Thank you Kawasaki for providing bikes to wreck and explode in the Mad Max [​IMG][​IMG] Take that CGI!

    Akida is an iconic Anime.. [​IMG] ..and Takeda's bike is awesome looking as well

    When you control Gravity, you ride your BMW R1150 on the side of the skyscrapers [​IMG]

    Another Triumph Street Triple in an awesome bike chase scene [​IMG] The ground behind you will self destruct in 30 seconds

    The TRON remake has this awesome scene where the light cycle was formed in mid air.. [​IMG]

    What do you ride when you are chased by the agents of the Machines? [​IMG] Ducati 996

    Easy Rider was like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.. On chopped Harley's [​IMG]

    Tumbler is out of action? No problem, I'll just take off on my Bat Pod! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Ummm Cat Woman.. Meow!

    If you are ever on a mission of revenge, get coordinated fashion and Bike.. [​IMG] Kawasaki ZZR 250

    [​IMG] When you're in a gang like the Crazy 88's, you ride your Fazers with the Katana sticking out

    [​IMG] When you're a vampire hunting priest in the apocalyptic steam punk future, they give you a jet bike

    [​IMG] Suzuki Gladius base

    One thing you do not want to see on the highway coming for you..


    [​IMG] Two mini guns!

    You don't want Arnold coming after you in a custom Fatboy Harley with a shotgun either..

    Why wasn't there a Bike Transformer in the Transformer movies!!!?

    I almost cropped out Shia from this pic.. Aprilia RS250 owns it's class in the circuit..

    [​IMG] Ahhh.. Aprilia...

    When you're a badass Vietnam vet who's been pushed around a little to far, all you need is a large knife.. And a Yamaha XT 250 [​IMG]

    Lastly, I leave you with the bike from the RoboCop movie reboot..[​IMG] Enjoy! 

    Ok ok.. I will allow discussion of Bicycles too..

    But no unicycles!!! Clowns scare me
  2. Wayyy too much effort I cannot support this.
  3. Clyde rides a Vespa
  4. I don't know bikes sorry
  5. Kamen Rider!!! Woohoo!

    Anyone would look fly on this baby

  6. Heheh Pingu.. You said anyone would look fly on that bike.. You mean anyone would look grasshopper on that bike!

    Ok ok lame pun.. Sweet bike though.. Learned something new today!
  7. Haha! Yeah. The 'fly' thing was supposed to be my failed attempt at an insect pun.

    Fail. haha
  8. Only one brand of bikes, Harley Davidson.
  9. My fav has gotta be that Ducati from The Matrix. Imagine the sheer weight, alone! Now imagine speeding along around 160mph. Crazy! Ill take that Ducati or a Ninja 900.
  10. The Matrix is all about dichotic decisions..

    Blue pill or the red pill.. Ducati or Ninja..

    Left one or the right one..

  11. To touch up on no Tranformer bikes in the movies, I believe there were bike triplets in the 3rd movie, course they're background characters because the movie is about humans?
  12. My fav movie bike was Debbie........
  13. So.. Are you saying that's a transformer Megan Fox is fixing?

  14. Who cares what she's fixing. It's Megan fox ffs
  15. No comment :lol:
  16. Don't forget this one! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  17. What movie is the vampire hunting priest from I forget.
  18. I can swear that I had my pants on a minute ago 
  19. Squishy, it's called "The Priest"
  20. Devouring.. Put your pants back on.. It's only Hagrid..