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    If you are offended by this name, please let me know how to call it nowadays (Back when I was growing up, that's what we call it)..

    This is actually a very fun game! You get to play with marbles on a board!

    Let's dive right into it..

    Once upon a time, in ancient China, there was a warrior queen..

    She was fair and ruled the kingdom with peace and prosperity

    (*insert peaceful plucking of Guzheng strings sounds)

    But one day...

    An Evil sorcerer came to her land and brought all chaos with him..

    The lands were scorched and the people were suffering..

    The queen sends many warriors to defeat this evil buy to no success..

    The Battle in the Bamboo forrest was a failure..

    *Insert heart pounding drums and cymbals music..

    Our brave mod Eagle getting distracted instead of fighting the Evil Sorcerer

    The queen was in danger, but a Panda told her a secret that could defeat the sorcerer..

    To challenge him in a game involving marbles on a board!

    A big battle ensues!!!

    Huge fights!!!

    But in the end, the sorcerer was defeated and the kingdom was at peace again..

    Don't lose your marbles..️
  2.  Great thread

    I do believe it's also called backgammon, but don't quote me on that
  3. Do a poker one next.
  4. #ashesforvkmodanddev
  5. Backgammon is a different game.. I will share secrets on that one soon too 
  6. Same
  7. Chess Ashes. You forget us fancy people.