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  1. Saw a parking cone in the middle of a soccer field once.. True story
  2. Who the **** got perm silenced?
  3. used one for a bong once, epic
  4. put 2 and 2 together then.
  5. What do I win?
  6. A tutu wearing fairy princess
  7. Lol why would booty be the prize?
  8. ayrek with the buuurrrn
  9. [​IMG]
    @everyone here.
  10. Damn. Its too big. (/).-)
  11. Alright, exit stage left. Somebody play my music.
  12. *Star Wars theme music plays*
  13. I really don't know how this stupid song came to mind, but.. Pop, /lock it, *drop it*.
    Ooooihhh I deserve a medal for the stupidest thing said on this forums yet.
  14. No it aint. Trust me.
  15. That's what... she never said :(
  16. Are you freaking stalking me now?
  17. You're right op