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  1. Affects: ( iOS )
    Attack strength (bonus) reporting incorrect(not to mention negative) values when ~2,140,000,000 value is exceeded. Bug appears when viewing the user profile.

    Issue caused by 32bit signed integer variable type.

    Make the variable of type (unsigned int) or (int64).
  2. 100 years for Kaw to load
  3. In CC or wc the last word from a previous message will be in my new message it's really anoing
  4. I don’t know if this is a duplicate but on my iPad my PMs have been black making it very hard to read, I’ve sent multiple complaints since Oct. it started after the big update, I wasn’t able to log on it for weeks when I could  Black PMs
  5. That's not a kaw glitch. That's due to a setting in your keyboard.
  6. iOS / kicked every time click chat bubble CC/AC/WC from home screen

    Login out & reinstall fixed bug
  7. Every time i click on wc bubble to go into it, it shuts down the game ? Anyone else have this issue I’m ios.

    iOS / kicked when click on ALL charms

    UPDATE: bug fixed... SPLAT!!

    iOS / emoji pop up in CC obscures the chat box so u can’t see what emoji is written[/quote]
  8. [/quote]

    Yes .... happened to me for hours yesterday.... even during EE war .... no access to any chats without getting kicked off kaw
  9. Slow log in ios but seems fine on android
  10. iOS kaw ver 2.32 / Marketplace

    Spy att/def pots mixed up and missing

  11. Can’t see stats on items when trading

    For new iOS update.

    And charms stats STILL not correctly showing in profile!
  12. Why nobody posting in wc?
  13. Quest Is working. Ally hire is working.
  14. I have been told by Support; Devs are working on bug fixes. When and what, they could not say/do not know.

    Keep reporting bugs please.
  15. Update the dev team.. the biggest bug of the game.
  16. iOS kaw ver 2.32 / LB stopped updating after latest AppStore update.

    Bug fixed splat!
  17. Equipment room where the ice heart goes, I can’t access it. No icon is showing so I can select it to remove it and put something else. It’s saying « NEW » is red because I’ve received an equipment for that spot but can’t do anything.
  18. This game has more bugs than active players
  19. Fate's Boon chest isn't increasing anymore. Stays at lvl1.

    Edit: Devs told me it was ok. Guess I was mistaken....