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  1. iOS / “Door Glitch” first time for me yesterday....join and accepted into clan but can only chat and be seen in CC, can’t see CP or CR, no one sees you on CR but saw you join, can’t see or hit EB your shield looks blank like at end of EB, when search for clan loops to search/create a clan page, can’t join another clan stuck in limbo. Tried re-open app x3 no effect. Self rectified after 12 mins.
  2. Eb "no effect" glitxh getting worse. Almost every eb now after any period of a few minutes offline
  3. Can’t enchant equip from previous event (ring)
  4. loads of bugs ata
    this account cannot wall
    another account cannot trade or wall
    invalid request quite often
    server issues
    if ata are doing this to encourage us all to play heckfire they can jog on
  5. If this been posted already wall and I’ll remove it.

    iOS/ Game opens with support window open and no way to exit unless you click on a previous support chat and then close. (close button does not appear at top right until you do this)

    iOS/ Game opens with forums open, backing out caused game to crash. Had to exit by clicking any of the tabs at bottom (e.g. “kingdom”)
  6. Charms don't work 
  7. Not getting the side legend for osmon tokens I've completed nether King and I got 4.7k fireworks but I have no side legend for it and no rewards.
  8. Last event equip still not a available in Mage to enchant or transmute. Top 50 tier equip missing. Equip given to top 50 tier was same as 25k
  9. Can’t see leading digit of equipment/charm bonus on profile.

  10. Event boxes dont show in showcase,expect nothing to be done,just saying
  11. Has devs even seen this thread? We even give them the issues and they don’t do anything
  12. One of my friend warred for ee on the event gap. He got victory tokens and dwarven feast even tho there was no event. The victory token got counted in lb. Devs pls fix this.
  13. If you keep getting kick off the game reset your wifi. Reset wifi every a couple of months
  14. iOS ver 2.3.1 / scroll up in WC and app closes when connected to Wi-fi or not Wi-fi.

    Bug Fixed
  15. Android\ Tradeing broken. It asks amount of what you want to trade you select how many hit okay and it goes to chat nothing goes through.
  16. Devs don’t care anymore . They’re very much active in their other game Kingdoms of heckfire .
  17. That’s your opinion if devs don’t care stop playing kaw. Simple

    Nobody wants your opinion.

  18. Yes Man!
  19. Been 2 months, I still can't access the post on wall button. Devs been contacted and still haven't fixed.