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  1. Thank you Jax. This has been a major issues with Black Friday.
  2. Anyone else have 27k items but can’t get the rewards for the 25k cap?
  3. No items drop from side event
  4. iOS / BFE is showing incorrect stats when equip the Dread Cortege Weopen it shows +- stats.
  5. Also side quest don’t match
  6. Error: Did not receive silver bars from completing tier one of the current legend - 12/1/17
  7. iOS / EE wars (indi) the [update] are all red. The KO [update] used to be green in CC so you can quickly tell the difference between opponent KO you (red) and you KO an opponent (green).
  8. Can't transmute any equip from last 2 events.

    Can't upgrade any equip from current event (as in it isn't even in Mage).
  9. I'm not getting a message in my nf telling me my blade was pilfered, although it was stolen
  10. Keep having errors with eb. Log on phone. Select eb, select action = no effect. Instead select clan, tap eb at top, select action, success. App reset doesnt always fix it. Android S7
  11. The bug report tracker isn’t tracking and updating the list
  12. ^^^^
  13. Same
  14. Also have sent feedback on it 3 days ago without reply. Seriously i’d sack people for giving customer service like that.
  15. Corvelia Imperial Gardbrace gives me negative spy defence stats when equipped.
  16. I'm on android and I can't trade with anyone
  17. Have you checked for most recent update?
  18. ColorOS / After a new EB is started the last EB remains on the EB screen when you enter it unless you force stop and then relaunch the app. I also had this issue on Android on 3 different devices but there was a difference in that on ColorOS the home page display EB picture shows the currently running EB whereas on my Android phones the home page display still showed the picture for the last EB running. Also, only the first word of an EB seems to scroll across at the top of the Battle screen...not sure if this is the case for all eb's though as i haven't been using ColorOS for long having only yesterday started playing on this new account after taking a break from kaw for several months.
  19. iOS / no LB showing for current legends event
  20. iOS 11.2.1 KaW v 2.3 / the ‘back’ or navigation text top left on legend or view profile etc is only half visible.