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  1. Report and Track KaW Bugshere... os/bug!

    ERROR!! DON’T duplicate! have a nice day️


    iOS / kicked when click on ALL charms

    UPDATE: bug fixed... SPLAT!!

    iOS / emoji pop up in CC obscures the chat box so u can’t see what emoji is written
  2. Players game freezing when accepting trades
  3. iOS / when type in cc the autocorrect bubble pops up under the keyboard so u can’t see the autocorrected word
  4. iOS/ often adding an item to a trade it doesn’t show or add
  5. Not all charms showing when viewing showcases , friends list not loading
  6. Lost all permanent items on IOS
  7. When sometimes it takes 1 minute to complete an action
  8. I can’t find the devs effort anymore.
  9. Kind find the keys to open crux chests or chest like that in the market place any more
  10. Update, that was fixed
  11. For many, especially the ones who have no crux chest keys, you need to update your app. If that doesn't work then uninstall and reinstall.
    As for the showcase issue, the devs were made aware of this yesterday and are pushing out another fix.
    Keep your eye out for more updates and thanks for your patience.
  12. iOS / when I view a friends showcase what’s happening is it matches my charms with theirs and those matches becomes their new ALL total. Then it displays my amount for them example: I have 110 scry bowl if I look at your showcase/charms it shows you as having my 110 - try it and see.

    UPDATE: new ver 2.28 iOS fixes bug... SPLAT!!

  13. To clear the emoji block press ABC on bottom left
  14. Hey guys, this is really helpful. Thanks for being so great! We've recently had to update the way KaW is built, which is the culprit behind all of these bugs. With your help we will be addressing them all.

    All of these are fixed in the latest version that is currently propagating to the App Store. Keep an eye out, because it may take a while to reach everyone.

    There is a fix in the App Store for this right now. Note that you may need to update again in a couple of hours to fix the issues listed above if the latest version has not reached you yet.

    You didn't lose any items, but they did disappear from the Marketplace. Please download the latest version available in the App Store for a fix.

    Haven't heard of this yet, but we will look into it.

    This issue existed for the latest updates and is unrelated, but we are working on a fix.

  15. This works but isn’t a fix. If I’m type many emoji for CA update can’t see what I’m doing... ty tho

    UPDATE: temporary fix bug... SPLAT!!

    DEV note you need to switch the screen refresh off as you can see the resize fix in action!

    UPDATE: bug fixed... SPLAT!!
  16. Android, when I open the game after an eb has ended and a new one has started, I can't press the banner eb button to go to the newly started eb, I have to go through the clan page.
  17. New update for iOS gave me my silver back... And everything in the marketplace is in triplicate...
    Wish my silver tripled but no such luck

    Newest update fixed
  18. There’s a glitch where I farm ebs and don’t get enough golds to build all buildings please help. Kappa
  19. Glitch report #2: I have found a couple of “devs effort” in a couple quests. If I keep farming quests will I continue to find whatever these “efforts” are?

    Glitch report #3: it seems that Mei is still a moderator, I think this is a bug in the system. Literally.
  20. Glitch - No PvP Spell for iOS.
    **Has been fixed. **