A long wanted update

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by arkst, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Fml, one of the most wanted updates and here we are 6 years later. If anyone still thinks Devs aren't lazy then take a look at this.
  2. It’s been wanted for years, and now that these ridiculous massive ad things have been implemented, it’s more needed than ever
  3. So another tab is wanted to redirect ppl to post their clan ads in ? The majority of the ppl posting here are rarely seen in wc and that includes arkst. Even before arkst posted this thread he was rarely in wc. I’m not sure how you guys are so put out by clan ads. . What shouldn’t have happened was the big banner ads. Those are just crazy.

  4. Haha whenever I log back into KAW you are always here for me  Though what you say isn't true. Forums and WC were the only thing I did in the game besides clan hopping. In fact the nobility purchases I made were most always for wc because I would run out of speakers. But the reason ads suck is because they are not "chat" they interrupt conversations and take away from one of the coolest aspects of this game imo.
  5. Interesting how you didn’t consider that we might not be in wc more often for this exact reason
  6. I like the "Council chat" Idea. Seems really cool