A long wanted update

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  1. Support for sure
  2. Support. Great idea! Does it feel weird to post on forums at all? Or is it just me?[/color
  3. Good idea but it would be hard for devs to implement this without any glitches and server being slowed
  4. Great idea, for those of you saying people won't know to not post ads in chat option etc kaw_admin can send a mass message to all just like when they give free xstals. Not sure if this was said didn't really feel like reading 45 pages but this is a simple task to send a mass message to all.
  5. I support.. But when it is only a one on one conversation why not on wall/pm?
  6. [/color=red] support
  7. Bump ️
  8. Nice idea and a new twist on an old request.
    If developers could do this it would be a great addition IMO 
  9. Great idea! Much better than others of its type.
  10. With all the other crap that devs need to deal with, you think they're gonna drop everything and implement this idea?
  11. Support
  12. I support cuz it's pretty well thought out! Only thing is people posting ads in the chat section of WC, cuz what's to stop them? Sure you can say that they will wanna post in as section, but everyone knows there's always gonna be those few noobs thatre stupid enough to do it. Support if somebody creates an idea to fix that
  13. *Still waiting for spies quests*
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