Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. So happy you got omega and Gwen in on this!
  2. Where is mah boi Todd and me in dat never ending 1v1
  3. It's nice to see mega there. Now all of us are gonna have to try to hide it from him for our own safety
  4. The song for the last batch is:

    "Everybody wants to rule the world" by Tears for fears

    The version I like is cover from Lorde that was used in the Dracula untold movie soundtrack.

    Play that Lorde version (It was also used in the game trailer for one of the Assassins Creed games) ️️

    When I get on PC I'll do the links on OP
  5. Wonderful song choice!

    When will see a "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley? I'm sure Gamehendge would fit in that category. Guy has been stuck in the foxes clan for years.
  6. Snoopy.. you know very well that song is reserved in Kaw for one thread and one thread only..

    This one

  7. Haha I'm on the list, on the page with the best song no less! Props to everyone else here keep the old ways going strong my brethren!

  8. Lol that thread is so funny ! Rip wormies
  9. Das me momma das me. Made the cut 
  10. I know I've already posted, but have to give props to you Ash. Freakin awesome 
  11. Oi noob

    Where's arty. Or a few of them Yafi peeps

    And where's Lala?

  12. Next batch Comly.. :)

    Please keep the awesome suggestions coming.. there are so many "Oh I remember her/him" moments happening..
  13. I like the palette 
  14. Silvertip and tink from nbn
  15. I've lost a lot of money to these people that you all speak of. 
  16. ashes where are all the independant people that fight everyone like me
  17. Wattz..  quite a lot of independents are listed.. from MiCKeY to Ajax.. so many to list so I'm trying to cover as much as I can 

    This is just a sample to remind us of the memories..
  18. OoS_immitation-Cheese
  19. KD and Lioness from SE here
  20. The veritas ppl make me laugh... biggest pansies I've ever fought tbh