Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Lol @ at all the vals. You have the wrong pink in lr,though. It's barcode pink aka sugah.
  2. Lol i was there way before sug got on board. If u wanted in LR it came thru me ...Ima day1 pink :p
  3. I've never been happier to be considered a kaw eTart. I might not have been one of the best at osw but fudge me... Not many can beat me in straight up booty selling backstreet sausage smoking hoe'ness

    But in all seriousness though that's beautiful
    Thanks and much love 
  4. Wow Ash! looks amazing, thank you very much, respect to you too.

    Pill / OMETs / ZAFT Carnage.
  5. Gotcha,was going by my suggestion earlier in the thread.
  6. Ahh didn't see u nominate her. Definitely a good choice as well.
  7. You're missing out a lot I think sparhawkbrightblade and 1ATE7 deserves to be in there from ig
  8. I want to suggest PsychoPathicPanda from SFA, she has played seven years now and to this day teaches new players how to fight, track, and strip. I've only played a few months and already I am an accomplished pvp-er thanks to her teachings. Under a few names she has been everywhere from iG to true Spartans to Yafi in her years, and anybody who knows her can tell you she still whoops players like Ebs aren't a thing.

    ~ Cheese
  9. If i missed -imf-, then apologies. They need to be on here as does sugah. Sug set many alarms and burned herself right off the leaderboard a few times trying to get imf and others in their clan naked.

    My first OSW saw all my allies go to loada. Back then, I was in 46
  10. That's me trying to shoot an apple off the tip of my wiener ^
  11. Here's to the good times ️️

    I'll always come back for an ashes thread ️

    Good memories tied to these names. One big dysfunctional family. Whether we were enemies or allies, much respect for embodying the true KaW spirit and keeping fun alive until the devs killed the game through censorship and greed.

    Back to life KaW.

    One love 
  12. Yes I joined 6 months later but stayed for 3ish years though 
  13. IMF was crazy... We both were at the time. I think we fed off of each other's craziness 
  14. Thanks for the tribute, also it says 2013 ur image but osw still going so sit tight and enjoy the real kaw as its meant to be
  15. good times iv osw most of them farmed 1/2 of kaw all 4 fun but kaw has changed allot cheers 2 the good old days  ISS
  16. Hella support. Great thread. Brings back memories of good time, good peeps. Thru hell, and back. ;)