Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. In my early days on kaw, I knew you for one thing. It wasn’t your osw fights. You may be a good osw fighter, but you know that isn’t what you’re famous for, or what you used to be famous for
  2. wheres saltyfeet
  3. PLEASE lock for posting false information.

    I Cleary started farming before ahdragos. I taught him everything he knows. I was his first osw....FYI: he lost. He got on this lying list before me.
  4. Infamous* I had quite a reign of terror and was an active part in most large scale wars regardless.
  5. Come on man nobody knew you for fighting
  6. Plenty knew me for being an osw warrior, I was one of new ages founders after all. If you ask nbn/outlawz/hollow or even ig that’s where plenty met me, the opposing side of my once leaderboard tier spies.
    It’s just not what I was necessarily infamous for and was my 2nd defining trait after my witty sarcasm. 
  7. Yes. I was.

    Along with iProphet and a couple others.
  8. Ha ha ha. Agreed. That is actually teja
  9. A guy called. Detrimental, he was one of the bh leaders at some point. Total badass.

    He needs a mention