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  1. Larry was in I.G originally for protection and when he got his ass handed to him he fled and cried to fury to let him join. Then he got farmed out of the game by kotfe

    He had a hissy fit and gave his account away like a butt hurt noob. Thats the Larry story.

    Larry always was and will be one of kaws most useless players, spending the majority of his KaW time up chubby’s bum.
  2. Be honest judgment can’t do nothing to me. During that time I can lcbc accounts in 5 weeks. I can easily move from one account to the other. Even judgment can’t harm me that time. During AAH war all judgment does scouts. Judgment put account in AAH and keep stripping their own accounts and pretend to cry and bring AAH moral down They did the same to Osiris. After AAH war over most of those AAH account went home to yafi.
  3. LOL this guy  has no clue.
    Where do you get you info from? Disney land?

    You sound like you’re 12, when judgment was around you would have been 7. Nice try poosang
  4. Judgment was a joke and was always been a joke. I can prove it easily. Look at you guys homeless 
  5. I’m not his mom. I’m the dad you never knew you had!
  6. First of all Fonzie. I made you rage and run when your noob clan tried to be part of the Machines. Now look at you.

    I was in iG when the Civil War happened and I was with the Fury faction of iG are carefully examining both sides of the story. At that point Fury refused to allow iG to CF and hit them for awhile. We warred Kotfe and their towel boys for awhile, this was the point in time I won KAW.

    During this time I proof of cheaters and support wouldn’t do anything. I exposed a huge double standard. They allowed mods and friends of mods to get away with whatever they wanted. I was silenced, banned and threatened with legal action by KAW. I didn’t help matters by getting drunk af and writing nasty emails to them. I had to leave KAW. I miss being hit by half of KAW.
  7. Where’s the evidence for that story ?
  8. Larry says he was threatened with legal action by KaW. That’s gold 

    What were they going to do Larry ? Call Interpol to charge you with upsetting someone with your witty forum posts ?

    You idiot. Grow up and get your sorry ass out of the basement once in a while 
  9. You know ATA can do that when a person breaking ToU by using third party funds. Like old iCards scam
  10. They call his mommy tell her to deny him access to her CC 
  11. why scummy Larry talk about running? he run from EVERY OSW ....LITERALLY EVERY ONE 
  12. 
  13. This is one of the coolest threads in forum. Cant you noobs go somewhere Else for your triehard talking? Last 4 pages full of wannabe talking noone cares about but the posters. Make your own private Thread instead of derailing this one. Thanks 
  14. Awwwww I see LAST RIGHTS has been omitted.....wonder why 
  15. Last rights page 12.

    Swabia and bellamorte in the batch of pics before that.
  16. I think Larry just jealous

  17. It’s is well known Larry prefers the company of other men.
  18. I believe you!
  19. There’s way too many that were better than a lot of these guys. Cmon ash bring us back 6 years ago ️