Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. You weren’t there and i wasn’t in kotfe.
  2. Disappointed that my names not on here, guess I’ll have to farm a few noobs now.
  3. That’s bc you were a runner and every knew they couldn’t count on you.

  4. Why is so hard for these guys to understand that war runners are not eligible for the Hall of Fame?
  5. War runner? Go get your old account back so I can bend you over again like I did while I was in judgment. Keep your mouth shut till then.
  6. Judgment I pissed on them and build a wall and make them pay for it. They happily disappeared before I use my magic potion on them
  7. You did that to all the new People who merged with yafi all the new clans. You wouldn’t of lasted a month vs judgment.

    Zaft,Osiris,AAH,Voodoo,DTH couldn’t do anything vs one clan and you think you would of? 

    But yes congrats or whatever on making a few merged clans go inactive, well done but just don’t lie to yourself and others lol.
  8. Oh damn!! Musang!! You’re still around?!? You were one of my favorite enemies. There was never a dull moment with you around. I remember the whole Twicc thing. Twicc was crazy af
  9. WideHole were you one of those weirdo Worms?? Those guys were a bunch of noob guild hansels. Some were outside banks 
  10. Where am I wtf
  11. Yes I was and still am, most of us had mains and were just having fun on alts. I mean ask Your old leader at fury blazey she was one too.
  12. Speaking of runners. Larry didn’t just run from kotfe. He sprinted away 
  13. Why you gonna lie like that? Why you gonna lie like that ?
  14. Fonzie you ran from HiT squad. I remember because you cf’d on Maddy’s wall.

    Holy Whomo ran from every war I’ve seen him in. He is in a noob clan teaching EBs.

    WideHole, Blazey was there for a reason. You were there with your main trying to be part of the crowd
  15. Prove it !!

  16. This!
    (Insert facepalm)
  17. Yeah you make no sense.....now speak English.

  18. I believe you!

  19. No one believes you!
  20. Holy Who-Mo had his mom download the game to stick up for him. He did this back in 2011 against yafi. Same old runner... new mom account