Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. I'm sorry Todd.....have I hurt your feelings ....u seem to be raging much

    I'd be annoyed aswell if I'd been such a try hard gangster in forums and after years of this a tribute thread is made and everyone laughed when u tried to include yourself......this should serve as a reminder to anyone trying to gain fake respect that the KAWmunity aren't stupid.....we know who's fighting and who's talking nonsense....you'll always get found out in the end.

    Todd to retire again in


  2. Will you copy and paste somebody's thread there soup kitchen boy ?
    Man you must go thru some coupons at your soup kitchen seeing as though you employ 50 people at 60k a year each
  3. Nobody wants your fighting here so bugger off.

  5. I did ,she said it was as useless as the last thing you tried to give to her, and the coupon was bigger than that teeny tiny piece of skin under your ever widening waistline
    I believe she said .... smaller than a bee stinger and like you a little prick

    Now go cry to Thrawn bout how honesty hurt your feelings and get this post removed

  6. :lol:
  7. Lol.....Todd get roasted left right and from behind on all threads right now and his coupon comeback was weaker than than his moms ankles after I was finished with her.
  8. again all from idiots who don’t have memes and never will pars begged for one and got laughed at  none of you are relevant to this thread LOLOL 
  9. Your laughing at that shows how idiotic you are ...it’s barely coherent it’s the ramblings of a coupon clipping cat woman 


    Let me find it for you real quick LOL 
  10. Crying and caps ... beautiful
    Now he's having trouble following the English language

  11. Why don't you take this garbage elsewhere you're going to get a great thread and walk down memory lane locked.

    Tldr. Wall of text. Be the bigger person and just walk away
  12. Yeah good point Cow ... will remove my posts outta respect for a worthy thread
  13. No ArGoLi, I’m sad.
  14. Well damn. I haven’t played this game in years and they put me in the Hall of Fame.

    I was unstoppable until I stopped
  15. This is just a list of people who are pathetic and have no real life...just tap tap games
  16. Hell yeah great post Ashes.
  17. Funny how long I’ve been around and in every osw that comely or I didn’t get mentioned. We by ourselves trashed knights in pyjamas. It was fun and we stayed in them from an alt clan.

    No mention of that.
  18. Thats because KotFE loves to cry in public, that's reward enough!