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  1. Photobucket went from free to some crazy $400 dollar a year fee & doesnt look like Ashley is active anymore so yeah the OSW Warrior memes are all gone. I saved mine though ...here you go I know itll make your day and everyone else who sees it and itll bring back memories of what a badass i was in OSW. Hopefully itll inspire some of you RPers into some real action ...doubt it though

  2. ....carry on with your charm trading lol
  3. Wicked_legend I don't think he plays anymore but omg farmed me for months until I finally succumbed and posted on his wall what he wanted I'll always remember it..

    I have been beaten by a wicked legend
    I am and forever will be a noob cake!!
  4. I wasn’t even on the original listing of warriors but so many members of Kotfe/Apoc insisted to Ashley to put my on that he was forced to...

    ...Ashley picked all the memes so it’s subject to his opinion on whether they belong on the list or not EXCEPT mine. Mine was petitioned by members of Kotfe/Apoc ....so question is how am I not the best?? ...seriously???

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  5. The necro bump is real
  6. You can’t really necrobump a sticky’d thread :lol:
  7. Well obviously this thread is dead and outdated so idk why its still stickied to begin with
  8. It was stickied because it was a nice and funny reminiscence to most decent osw-fighters in kaw history. Its a shame that the pics are away because it was a great work done by ashes.
    Another one bites the dust.
  9. Like how Todd casually ignores the multiple reputable other OSW guys who all called him trash in the earlier pages. 

    We all know you are Todd, total garbage.

  10. ....oh and where are you mentioned anywhere in this thread?? Your meme?? Oh that’s right you never had one :)
  11. Don’t worry I’ll make one for you lol
  12. Jealous aren’t you?? 

  13. no other memes? no one else saved theirs? 

    Looks like I’m no.1 then 
  14. When you can't see any of the pictures
  15. This is one of my fav ever tributes to the 'good bad and ugly' of kaw nice to see it back fully - Ajax
  16. Pictures are visible now??
  17. Hope ashes can release a new part...too bad we lost a good player!

  18. ...why? you would never get one lol 
  19. Did anyone else see how quickly Todd requested a lock on his other thread after this one exposed him as a lier ..... lol...lol....lol....that was embarrassing.....now go sit in a corner u muppet