Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Some amazing players in this thread.  Well done Ashes!
  2. Great list!

    I've been fortunate to fight both alongside or against most people on this list over the years. Fantastic work.

    Why are you not VK yet, Ashes??? It's ridiculous. Unless, you keep humbly declining. :D
    e-mailing devs later...
  3. I only wish we could bring back the good old days of kaw:this has been a pleasure looking over every page of this post awsome      
  4. Ayo wagwan where am I on dis list eh?
  5. YASSS!
  6. Blazey help im being sb they tryna put a spell on me so i cant make itemz 

  7. Defiant.. I mean.. Phil..

    We miss you a lot.. we miss the great osw threads where the fighters would have witty "debates" and zing each other beyond one-liners..

    Defiant was a cool cat fighter too (*waits for trash talking from the other side).. he kept the Phil side completely out of it..

    I know those threads are gone, but we still have people who remember them.. cheers to the osw threads!

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  8. Thanks for the update on your great thread, Ashes!

    I like the way Awen shoots left while I cover the right side on part 5, page 20 (link at the bottom of the first post). KiP got all sides covered!

    Here's a pic as a gift to you for your great work on forum - it is from our last hunt on eb seeking yafi's - we got Low from your page 78 with us on the successful hunt:

    Awen discovered Atropabelladonna was bent over at Bend over clan - time to pick up the reward on "Belle":

    Here's me looking for yafi's that still fight back - hopefully I'll track down big Cambji:

  9. I miss kaw's unofficial osw correspondent as well. Some of those threads were pure gold. Wars, small and large--for me that was where the best forum material lived.

    I spent a little time looking for some of the old threads recently and came up empty. Are they archived or just gone altogether?

    I also looked for a spoof on ebs written by my old friend -Naz-. That story was hysterical, but again, no dice.

    Speaking of which, if he isn't already in this thread, I suggest you add -Naz- to this thread. He wasn't your typical osw clan leader, but he was all kinds of badass.

    Thanks for putting this together ashes.
  10. Most are there but players wont necro bump them due to the risk if them getting locked or deleted due to the bumpimg rules.
    Its a she many of the war threads should be stickied amd there for people to see where the fun is.
    But if you search a player like philosphers name into search or any other that you can remember it should reveal some gold.
  11. Thanks chaos, I haven't had much luck with the forum search function in the past mainly because of the volume of results one has to sift through. But I took your advice and I did indeed uncover some gold--thanks!
  12. Most welcome. Glad to be of help.
  13. Damn, this thread is still active 
  14. Rip photos
  15. Am I only one who can't see the photos
  16. Is this your photo?