Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. @roni if u say it bought u might start to believe it roni
  2. PS ur momma
  3. grymln =liquid courage
  4. Roni is what u get when u drop ur baby on its head
  5. Think this tribute thread is cool . A shame you can't keep the trolls off it .
  6. You can remove a few off the list. Using bots isnt osw....

    Blossom/Alice/chongo all the same person....
  7. Thank you for a shoutout in a brilliantly made thread, great work ashes
  8. Blossom and Chongo are not the same person.

    Very nice ashes ️?
  9. I really want a cool cowboy poster with my name on it but I've never been in a OSW :(
  10. Bump ty for adding us Ashes :)
  11. CT thanks you Ashes
  12. Awesome thread ashes thks for the shout out
  13. Real OSW warrior don't post too much. Some here I respect a lot. Some others are runners and they know who they are. The best ones stay in the fight until end and do damage alone by them selves. If it's not the end, it's not over yet. Keep fighting keep it real.
  14. Updated with a Foxes poster on part 12 (page 118). Links to updates on page 1.?️
  15. Very nice work old friend. Much respect for the effort involved.
  16. Ashes
    That's Badass
    Thanks for the poster.